Why It’s So Time to Live Slow


I have big eyes and small hands and dreams to taste the world.

I go to bed eager and wake up tired but oh so ready.

I’m tired of using tired as an excuse because there are things that make me come alive and my dreams aren’t going to grow themselves.

There are a thousand tiny causes worth giving our all to – like laughter and sunshine and the people we love.

I go to bed too late but wake up with the sun five days in a row and I know it’s time.

There are things I need to know I can change. My heart refuses to stay dormant.

I begin setting my alarm earlier for those few captured moments of quiet soul.

I start learning yoga because my body is a gift and a vessel for my spirit and I learn to breathe deeply. To stretch and strengthen what is uncomfortable so I can stand steady to the strains of living. There is something deeply calming about holding oneself steady upside down, toes pointed to the sky. As if to say, Gravity, you keep pulling me back to you but I’ll decide what standing tall looks like.

I visit the local farmers market fifteen minutes from my house and fall in love with mounds of love-grown fruit and vegetables and smiles. Coffee, toasted nuts, homemade goodies, friendly conversation, on-the-spot juicing, and people. Real, gentle, present people. I think I might love this city.

I make fruit my staple and bid farewell to dairy and animal cruelty and fatigue. Hello energy and new-found clarity of thought.

It took a day in July of reading in sunbeams on the deck with a glass of Grandma’s lemongrass tea for me to see that maybe sometimes we are happy but don’t slow down enough to realize it.

I have forgotten that this one life is not a race and if you run too fast you’ll burnout. We’ve lost the sense of slowing, of stopping long enough to truly see each other. When did productivity replace relationship?

Can we abolish to-go cups and linger over coffee? Can we put down the smartphones and listen and say, Tell me your story? Your heart has been hushed for too long.

Familiarity has robbed us of childlike wonder. We forget that there are sunrises every morning and shooting stars at night and a million tiny tastes of glory in between.

I crave those slow moments. Oh how many I have missed.

It’s time to claim them back.

Why It’s So Time to Live Slow

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