The Beauty of Smallness

Kenya 146erc

I was thinking the other day about how wonderful it is to feel small in the face of something good or beautiful. There are times smallness is an alarming feeling – a feeling of inadequacy and weakness and fear – but in the presence of the beauty of a magnificent landscape or the incredible goodness and strength of the Father Himself, smallness is a liberating and secure feeling.

There is nowhere I feel so loved and awed and humbled as when I experience my God in His Greatness.

This is probably the most significant thing I have discovered in my travels: how very small I am in relation to the world and its history and Creator. Time and space exceed my comprehension.

It’s a humbling feeling to know there is so much more than this tiny span of time and space that I claim in my sojourn here.

People who don’t believe in God, who claim to be their own…how very small their universe must be. To think this is all there is, that there is no greater purpose to their life, no greater Mind to trust in.

Trust is a scary thing but when the One in whom we trust is perfect in Wisdom and so inherently good, there is no safer place to rest, no sweeter release. I’ll gladly let go of my limited understanding and the need to act out of what I know if I can hold to One who is far greater –  He who directs all circumstances into a beautiful story, not void of pain and hardship, but more glorious and meaningful then I could ever dream up.

How trivial my problems and concerns seem in light of the span of this small space between beginning and eternity, of the awesome goodness of the Creator.

Smallness is humbling; it’s being vulnerable and trusting. Smallness is knowing release and deep soul peace.

The Beauty of Smallness

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